A day in the life of a stable girl.

This being my first blog for 3furlongsout I’ve interviewed A young lady who works for Alan king looking after some of his superstar horses.

Elouise Chapman has been riding horses most of her life and in January 2015 embarked on a journey into racing by starting a 3 month course at the racing college. Apon completion of her course in April 2015 she went on to join Alan kings stable, looking after stable star yanworth amongst other horses in Alan kings string, riding out daily on 3/4 different horses a day.  On racedays she accompanies the horses to the track and settles them into the stable ready for the race, once they have ran she prepares them for the journey back to the yard. img_20161117_130541

(Elouise aboard yanworth)

Elouise has a vision of becoming a jockey and hopes to go racing in point to point races this season. outside of looking after yanworth and Co she also has her own pointer and is keen to get on the track with him. she is also keen on gaining her license and running under rules and I believe she will succeed.

On Tuesday may the 10th she competed in the national eisteddfod charity race aboard boss alan kings Fred le macon (now with Martin todhunter) the race ended in victory for elouise & Fred.


(Elouise on her way to victory)

After chatting with elouise I was impressed with her attitude towards success and I believe we will see her in the near future winning races. not only point to point but under rules aswell.

Good luck for the season elouise!!!


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